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Welcome to
ASP Shopping Cart Applications for Web-based Businesses is a unique blend of web-related services, products and resources and home to MetaLinks Online Design, developer and distributor of the Active Server Pages-based MetaCart Shopping Cart Applications and MetaBid, the online auction application. This site also hosts Links Plus, including online media directories of Texas newspapers, magazines, and radio and television stations. MetaLinks Online Design's offices are located in the Texas Hill Country, among Austin's high-tech Silicon Hills.

MetaLinks Icon MetaLinks Online Design develops and designs interactive, database-enabled web sites on Microsoft platforms, and provides a variety of custom web design and software development solutions for small businesses and web developers, including:
  • custom web interface and application design;
  • Active Server Pages programming and application development;
  • custom catalogs and shopping carts;
  • programming and development of web-based forms and customer survey applications; and
  • design and development consulting.

MetaLinks Icon Links Plus is a directory of links to online Texas and national media sites, reference sources, and free stuff.

There are links to: Texas newspapers, magazines, and radio and television stations; high-tech companies located in the Silicon Hills of Austin, Texas; and national news and financial services, including major U.S. newspapers and magazines, entertainment and celebrity news, and the infamous national and world news tabloids.

Our Online Reference Works directory includes links to more than 800 online dictionaries, a search engine used by news reporters, Area Code and ZIP code finders, and much more.

MetaCart Icon MetaCart Free is's FREE ASP shopping cart application for small businesses and web developers. The MetaCart Free eCommerce Application is based on Active Server Pages (ASP) technology hooked to an Access database. After installation and setup, the system readies your site for eCommerce. Customers can peruse your catalog of products and add the items they wish to purchase to their "shopping basket." Try the MetaCart Free Demo and then download the application.

 Free ASP Cart!

for Small Businesses
and Web Developers

MetaCart Free

MetaCart Lite $7.95

MetaCart $24.95

MetaCart2 $34.95

MetaCart2 for Pay Flow Link $39.95

MetaCart2 for PayPal

MetaCart2 for SQL Server $54.95

MetaCart e-Shop V-8
Standard $44.95
PayFlow Link $49.95
SQL Version $64.95
MySQL Version $67.95
PayFlow Link (SQL) $69.95

MetaCart e-Shop V-8
for PayPal $44.95

SQL Version $64.95

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Downloads page

MetaBid is an Active Server Pages application that adds online auction capabilities to a web site. Users can put items up for sale, bid on items others are selling, get a report on all auctions in which they are involved, and receive automatic e-mail notifications if they are outbid. Try the MetaBid Demo.

MetaCart Icon MetaCart e-Shop V-8 is our latest shopping cart application for small businesses and developers and offers a number of new features, including much-requested support for online stores selling products in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. It has numerous enhancements to its browser-based administration pages as well as a more modular approach to its design for easier customization. It is available in both Standard and PayPal editions, and with either Microsoft Access or SQL Server databases. E-Shop V-8 is also available in UK/International versions. Learn more and try the Demos.

MetaCart Demos
Including the FREE e-Commerce Shopping Cart Application for Small Businesses and developers from Try'em out!

MetaBid Demo
The affordable e-Commerce auction system for small businesses. Only $15.95.

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